Seaton Baptist Church

Welcome to the Seaton Baptist Church web-site. For us Church is not about buildings, but is about being a group of ordinary, friendly people - family - part of God's family, commited to seek and to serve God and one another in Seaton and beyond.
As we are a 'Church without walls' when we meet each Sunday morning at 10:30am we borrow our walls from Seaton Primary School. We would love to meet you and welcome you to our times together.
To find out more either contact us or explore our web-site a little more.

Church Without Walls

Seaton Baptist Church was established in 2005 and grew from a small home-based group of people to the thriving fellowship it is today. In the early days the fellowship became known as a church without walls - a term that was originally used as it does not own a building. However it came to reflect the outward-looking nature of the church and its drive to be active in the community, aiming to reach those who may not otherwise attend church or hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

We gather each Sunday at Seaton Primary School to thank and praise God for his love for us through singing, we share stories of what God is doing in our lives, we ask help from God and our friends when things are tough. We pray for our town, our country and the world. We explore the Bible together as we yearn to discover more about God and his Kingdom plans. We share what God have given us as we give of our time, talents and money for his kingdom purposes. We gather together around a table like his disciples did to break bread and drink wine to remember our Lord Jesus. We do all these things together ensuring that all ages are looked after, sometimes together, sometimes in age appropriate groups. We share this time with anyone who desires to join us regardless of their beliefs or faith.


We believe passionately in partnership in the gospel and as such:

Where and when do we meet?

Seaton Baptist Church meets every other Sunday at 10:30am @ Seaton Primary School, with other gatherings such as café Church on the alternate week. Please see our facebook page for details, or contact us using the details below.

We would love to welcome you to our informal times of worship, teaching, prayer and praise. We always finish with a coffee & cake or biscuits at about 12:00pm.

Details of any Special Events are usualy displayed on our Facebook page which is shown above.

Seaton Baptist Church

Seaton Baptist Church Map

Who we are.

Leadership Team

As a Baptist Church we have a leadership team that is accountable to the Church Meeting. Our current leaders are:

Ben is our Minister.

Heather (Secretary) who works within physiotherapy.

Neville, who is a retired maths teacher.

Holly, who is care home administrator.

Jess, who is a music teacher.

Seaton Baptist Church

Our Vision

Like the Pebbles on Seaton Beach that feature in our logo, we are:

       mobile      unique     shaped

   precious     powerful       gathered

    protective   weathered       transformed

Seaton Baptist Church is not a Church, we are the Church, a family to belong to not a members only club or a building to attend, and so we are mobile. We are a gathered group of people of all ages who are together discovering what it means to centre their lives on Jesus Christ. We have discovered that we are not here by accident but we are precious to God.

Each of us was created unique and designed by our heavenly Father to have a relationship with him. Each one of us has a story to tell of how we have been shaped by the world and by the love of God in our lives. Many of us are weathered and bear the scars of the storms of life, yet we have found a safe and protective place to allow God to minister his healing love through the hands and hearts of others. As we unite around the purposes and plans of God we can together have a powerful influence for good in the lives of our families, friends, the community in which God has placed us and in the wider world. We are not complete, we continue together on the eternal adventure of faith and by God’s Spirit continue to be transformed.

Seaton Foodbank

What is it all about?

The food bank is a local store of non-perishable food and other essential items overseen by Christians together in Seaton and District and operated by volunteers from in and around the community of Seaton. It is made available to those who are in ‘food crisis;’ that is, people who have no food and no means with which to obtain food. Need is assessed by professionals from local partner agencies and local church leaders. We do not supply food on direct request to the food bank.

How does the Food Bank work?

  • 1. The food bank is pleased to accept items listed on this page.
  • 2. Seaton Tesco and the large Coop in Seaton, The churches in Seaton and district, together with the Town Hall in Seaton host collection points.
  • 3. Contributions of food are collected, sorted and stored at the Foodbank Hub until required.
  • 4. Partner agencies are provided with vouchers that entitle the bearer to food sufficient for their household for 3 days. These vouchers are given to people who they consider are in crisis with regard to food, according to specific criteria.
  • 5. The Food Bank opens at No1 Harepath road in Seaton, each Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm. Voucher holders are able to attend and redeem their vouchers between those times.
  • 6. Partner Agencies are also provided with a contact telephone number for use in urgent cases.

How is the food bank supported?

Entirely by donations from local people to collection points in Tesco, The large Coop, Seaton and District Churches and Seaton Town Hall. The Foodbank relies upon the support of local people to keep running. Without your support we have no money, no food, and no food bank!

If you would like to contribute then you can put food contributions into the collection boxes. Financial contributions are welcomed please contact us via the email form on this contact us page and select Foodbank or at:

Foodbank in Seaton
C/O No 1 Harepath Road,
Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RP


Seaton Foodbank Leaflet

Seaton Foodbank Partner Information

Which foods are collected?​

Rice Pudding (tinned)

Sponge, Pudding (tinned)

Tomatoes (tinned)

Tinned Meat

Tinned Vegetables

Tinned Fish

Tinned Soup

Tinned Fruit

Tinned Pulse

Tea Bags (pkts of 40)

Instant Coffee

Milk UHT (long life) or powdered

Fruit Juice (carton-long life)


Pasta/Rice (1kg)

Instant Mashed Potato

Pudding (long life or tinned)

Instant Custard (pkt or carton)

Pasta Sauce

Biscuits and Snack Bars


Toilet Rolls

Female Sanitary Products

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Audio Sermon Player

Below are details of some of our recent sermons. Click on the icons to listen or download.

Name Date Bible Passage / Theme Sermon Player Controls
John Carter 27 June 2021 Seven Sacred Spaces
Tim Sibley 18 July 2021 Seven Sacred Spaces
Come and go Mission
Rose Millard 1 August 2021 Exploring Spaces With Moses
Moses in the Wilderness
Ben Tucker 15 August 2021 Exploring Spaces With Moses
Moses in the Hostile Space
John Carter 10 October 2021 The Letters to the Churches - Revelation Ch2-3
Ephesus Rev Ch2 v1-7
Ben Tucker & John Carter 12 September 2021 Exploring Spaces With Moses
Moses in a reflective space
Rose Millard 26 September 2021 Exploring Spaces With Moses
Moses in a listening & learning space
Ben Tucker 29 August 2021 Exploring Spaces With Moses
Moses in a transitional space
Rose Millard 17 October 2021 Revelation - Letters to the Churches
Revelation Ch2 v8-11 Smyrna
John Carter 31 October 2021 Revelation - Letters to the Churches
Revelation Ch2 v12-17 Pergamum
Rose Millard 21 November 2021 Revelation - Letters to the Churches
Revelation Ch3 v1-6 Sardis
Rose Millard 3 December 2021 Revelation - Letters to the Churches
Revelation Ch3 v7-13 Philadelphia
John Carter 12 December 2021 Revelation - Letters to the Churches
Revelation Ch3 v14-22 Laodices
John Carter 9 January 2022 Journeying with God
Walking with Jesus
Ben Tucker 6 February 2022 Journeying with God
Walking in the Spirit
Rose Millard 13 February 2022 Journeying with God
Through Temptation
Ben Tucker 20 February 2022 Journeying with God
Walking on Water
John Carter 27 February 2022 Journeying with God
Towards the End!
Ben Tucker 13 March 2022 Journeying with God
in Humility
John Carter 20 March 2022 Journeying with God
Walking with the Father
Ben Tucker 3 April 2022 Journeying with God
in Honesty
John Carter 10 April 2022 Palm Sunday
Rose Millard 24 April 2022 Journeying with God
Living in the Light of the Resurrection
Ben Tucker 1 May 2022 John 1
Encountering Jesus the Word
Rose Millard 29 May 2022 John 4
Encountering Jesus the Word
Tim Sibley 8 May 2022 John 2
Signs of God

A sermon archive can be found here. Please contact us if you do not have the password.

Video Gatherings & Sermon Player & Service Live Streams

Below we have embeded our YouTube Channel containing our recent Video Gatherings, Sermons.

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Contact Us

Contact Form

If you would like to speak to us in person please use the details below:

Ben Tucker (Minister)

Ben will be on sabatical during July - September 2022. Please contact the Church Secretary during this period.


Heather Shore (Church Secretary)

Tel: 07 961 489 890